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AMBAGAN Ispat Market Rourkela
Ispat Market Complex, Ambagan Rourkela
AMBAGAN-situated on the heart of Steel Township is one of the oldest and busiest markets of Rourkela. Popularly known as ISPAT MARKET it is a hub of various shops that sell different products comprising of almost all types of household materials, dresses , electronic gadgets and other materials under one roof. This helps the people of the adjacent sector areas who can easily purchase items here at a cheap rate and self satisfaction regarding the product. 

This market runs on all days except Mondays when it remains closed. Adjacent to the ISPAT MARKET is the GAJAPATI MARKET comprising of large no of traders bringing out their shops .Besides this there also runs regularly daily vegetable market in AMBAGAN both during day and night in two different places. Many constructive efforts have been undertaken by the RSP authority to promote the market and bring large no of people. Such efforts include construction of FOOD COURT, FOUNTAIN etc .If such constructive effort continues then some day it would become one of the best shopping hub in our country. 
Readers are requested to suggest their valuable comments regarding this so that we can make a step towards the development of our AMBAGAN.
Article By: Sudhansu Sethi 
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